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HARMONY CBD CLASSIC E-Liquids – 10ml 10%

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Antonin Cohen, the founder of Harmony, started to study the usage of cannabinoids in 2008
when he co-created the first non-profit organization dedicated to cannabis science in France.
Along with his team, Antonin Cohen developed Harmony after realizing the urgent need to
expand access to qualitative cannabinoids. Since then, he has had the chance to work with
world-leading cannabis scientists, entrepreneurs, and activists building up a strong expertise in
design and quality control for cannabinoid products. Harmony creates botanical-based
cannabidiol (CBD) products for a wide range of applications, from food supplement to e-liquids
and cosmetics. Harmony is a pioneer in hemp, crafting innovative CBD products to bring the full
potential of cannabinoids all over the world. Harmony strives to provide affordable access to
cannabinoids and improve personal well-being in harmony with nature. They see a world where
people could benefit from cannabinoids by using it daily for well being. The goal is to support the
development of a world where access to affordable cannabinoids is no longer a challenge, but a
means of life improvement.


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